Thursday, September 29, 2011

Concept Art - Activities

Good day!

Today I am to comment on a video about two guys that have some problems between them, take their differences and solve them on a Shootout.

I was presented with five different versions of the same story. The difference is the way the cameras are set to tell the story. In my opinion the clip that tells the story the best way is actually the first one:

Although I don´t like the way the first camera is set, in a low position revealing only the lower part of the first introduced character, it actually makes a lot of sense with what happens next. One has the feeling that this character is being revealed little by little, first with a low angle, then a medium shot and finally a tracking shot that reveals the character identity.

In between, we have the introduction of the other character, first with a long shot, and then a close up of his face, completely revealing his identity and also, in a way, indicates that he is aware that his rival has arrived. The introduction is followed by a two shot, which unleashes the action. 

One of the things that made me choose this clip above the others, was the way the action was shown to me. A medium shot of the first character calling the other character out, followed by a simple two shot with a low camera angle facing the second character, which is the one that wins the shootout. This low camera angle is very good to emphasize the power the second character has, it induces some respect for him...powerful! 

And then the story ends with a dolly out of the face of the dead character, emphasizing his loss in the shootout. I think it was very good camera movement for an ending of this particular story.

The story pace is really good. It starts slowly, but with the development of the story, it starts speeding up, with everything happening faster, which transmits a feeling of a certain anxiety towards whats gonna happen next.

The assets present in the clip, compose the story so that it feels that we are in the middle of a western. I don´t have that much to say, other than it was a good choice and that they complement this simple scene.

With this said, I will soon post my own version of this story!  

Write ya soon!