Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Digital acting 1 - Good things and bad things.

Hi all.

I will be commenting on my own animation, covering the topics in pages 256 to 268 from the book "The Animator's Survival Kit". This is a critical post to me (yes, I do speak to myself sometimes).
In my animation, there are several aspects that are in accordance to the methodology explained in the book.
The feeling of weight is almost always present. The character’s body, specially his spine, is always arched according to whether he is pulling the rock upwards of when he is in the potential position to start pulling.

However, I believe that this could have been explored further, and that there are a few poses where this sense of weight gets a bit lost. This can be seen in the poses where he is already holding the rock in the air, and makes an effort to pull it even more upwards. I feel the sensation of weight is not entirely present. Here, maybe a faster pacing could be the key to make this section of the animation even better. 

Otherwise, and without any facial expressions, I believe that I was able to express the feelings of effort, weight and felt emotion on all of the other stages of the animation.

Well this is it for now; I will leave you with another preview of the final animation.