Monday, September 5, 2011

The piece that was missing.

These last few days, while drawing some sketches of certain key scenes, I could not stop thinking that my story lacked something. It lacked the reason why the trash can would go berserk. It was not funny enough and my inciting incident was being to simple and not "inciting"enough.

And then it occurred me: what if instead of just throwing away one coffee cup, Frank (the character) would be repeating this action for six days in a row? This would give strength to the point i´m trying to make with my story and make it more understandable, while adding much more humor to it. And it would also emphasize the fact that lead to the rebellion of the trash can.

I have now added this to my story, as well to the treatment. It is looking like this now:

I believe that the story is much more complete and it strengthens my message!

Back on track!

Hello world!

I am now back from some super summer vacations, huge computer problems and lots of work, to start with my school projects again.

Getting closer to the final project, I am now introduced to a more detailed process of thinking, editing, presenting and creating our animation film ideas. In my previous post, I used different techniques to allow my creativity to flow, and I had some nice ideas for short films that came up in the process. One of them, I decided to use as a base for the three projects I have to do, which all complement each other, and I would now like to start writing about my story, and explain a bit more what is going on in my head, and how I plan to complete all of these projects.

So, my story is very simple: it is about a young guy that does a very common think among us humans, he throws most of his trash to the ground, without much thinking about the consequences of it. But this time, there will be a consequence, involving a trash can that got fed up with this attitude. Therefore, I decided to name my short story "The Trash Can Rebellion".

At first I had made the above draft of the treatment, and after much thinking about of it, I decided to alter a couple of details that, in my opinion, will make my story easier to understand. These details were things like the boxing gloves, which I could not really see how I would fit them in the story, or what kind of relevance or emphasis it would add to it; The way the story ends. This was a major change, because the end I had previously chosen was based on a moral lesson, and as I learned later, this is not that good of an ending, so I decided to have a funnier ending with my message being sent to the audience anyway, but without ending in this moral issue.

Here is the final treatment of my story:
I think it is important to write about why I chose such a weird (?) plot. In my view of the world, I think people in general, everywhere, are a bit careless about this particular issue. They throw every single crap to the ground even if they are just standing near a trash can or something of the likes. I also understand that this might be a very wrong idea for a short film, and it might not make any sense, or it can be really wrong in a cinematic point of view.

However, I prefer working on a project that stimulates me, and shows a bit of my ideals, and that can have a useful message to who ever might end up seeing the movie. Plus, I thought of this idea with a specific target group as an audience: adolescents and children. Working for the greater good.

And even though my idea might seem wrong in a cinematic point of view, let me take a couple of lines more to show why I believe it is not that wrong (or maybe why it is right).

My story follows a three act structure:

-Act 1: Introduction of Frank; the environment where the action starts unfolding; introduction of the second, but not secondary, character The Trash Can;

-Act 2: The inciting incident that will unravel the plot and lead to a conflict between the characters: the moment when Frank hits the Trash Can with his coffee cup. 
The pursue of an objective is not directly related with Frank, but with the second character, the trash Can. He is the one that will pursue his objective: change the way Frank acts towards the world, more specifically, Mother Nature. Everything that happens in Act 2 will lead to the ultimate moment in the story, the climax: when Frank realizes he has made a mistake that might have had different consequences, had the Trash Can not been so friendly.

-Act 3: A breakdown in the action intensity, when Frank looks up and sees that he is still in the same place and is not really sure of what has happened, but still will pick up the coffee cup and throw it into the trash can, just in case what he experienced might happen again if he doesn´t. The action flows again towards the end, when the Trash Can comes in a big plan and shows a "mission accomplished" expression, mostly revealed by his eyes.

In the three Acts described above, I tried to include the most possible animation acting principles, such as conflict, pursue of an objective, doing something until something happens that makes you do something else...

What I explained above, coupled with some nice shots I have in store for the movie, that will be featured soon when I complete my storyboard, might make a simple story achieve something more than just being another animation short movie: to make a difference on other peoples attitudes.

Up next, the storyboard!