Thursday, February 3, 2011

"My way here" - The beggining of a Reflective Journal.

Good day!

With the start of my second year at Noroff, in 3D Film Production, i face a new chalenge: start being more reflective and critic about the work i do. And one step towards that goal is to start a Reflective Journal. This is the beggining of my own.

My previous year in Noroff, in 3D Design and Animation, made me learn a lot about myself and the way i see 3D in general. I can say with most certainty that what i learned during that period made me realise that i wanted to choose a path that would lead me towards film production. Properly animating a character, creating a story plot, deciding the cenario and environment, all of this was a great learning experience which helped me a great deal on the decision to continue towards not only a more specific subject, but aswell as a complementary education on what i have learned so far.

One of my drawings.

I like to draw and paint. It has allways been a part of my free time ocupations, which doesn´t necessarilly means that i am good at it, but what i can say from experience is that the more you do it, the better you get at it. Nowadays it has become a secondary hobbie, one that relates mostly to my 3D productions. It is a very good sensation to be able to draw something and turn that drawing into something more real. This is the main influence for my work. I just love to create things, and nowadays i love it even more because being able to take a drawing and turning it into a 3D picture or for that matter animation movie is just amazing.

To complement my taste for creation, i also love animation films. Among all i have watched i can refer to a couple of them that i think are really good: 9, Wall-E . But to be honest i am not influenced by any particular artist or company. I like to discover new artists all the time, because there are many different ones out there and all of them are relevant to the influences i have. One exemple of this is Marek Denko, which for me is a big artist in terms of illumination. I consider him very good at it and as many others is a small part of my influences, and one of those artists that i try to learn from. Heck i am even influenced by Risto Halme, which is a Environmental artist friend of mine and is not even that well know.

To conclude this idea, is difficult to acknowledge which or what artists or companies have an influence on your work. They may not even be related to what you do, but inspire you in different ways.

To produce most of my work i use 3D Studio Max, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas. I have tried different softwares, such as Mudbox, Maya among others.

With the start of my second year i want to learn how to relate 3D objects and film. I belive they complement each other very well and, in my way of seeing things, it opens up alot of new doors for one to experiment and grow as an artist.

I will definetly have a lot more to write about in the months to come, so keep an eye out!

Pedro Furet.