Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Idea creation - Several ways to start exploring your imagination.

Good day.

This time around I am asked to explore different methods that may help an artist in developing ideas for short films. As ideas are something that don't show up on demand, this is being a nice experience so far and will surely be a good set of tolls in the future.

First of, I have been pitching for 60 minutes random ideas of one sentence only for short films. I have to say that in the first 15 minutes I was taking some time to write them down, but things started to speed up the more I wrote. I came up with some nice ones, others I already had them in my mind. I wont post my ideas here because...well because this is the internet, and yes I am keeping them to restricted eyes only !!!

Another task was to use text generators, such as FILL IN THE BLANK, SEVEN SANCTUM and DADADODO. These were fun to play around with, I even made a couple of stories:

As fun as they were, I found them rather limited and repetitive, and after a few tries I started seeing the same text over and over again. I conclude that it may be a funny and easy way to find a simple story, but I would rather sit down and take my time to think and write them down.

Gladly there is also that task, of sitting down and writing stuff. Although with a twist. I had to write down whatever words I would think. I came up with two blocks of text. Maybe they don't make much sense, or maybe they do. I'll leave that to you.

I was also asked to write down the sequence for a couple of questions starting with "What if":

After this I was supposed to try some techniques for writing down ideas from this website. I didn't try them, I preferred to read them, understand them and imagine how could they all be useful. That being, I don't have a favorite one but I like to think of them as different approaches for different problems. They can help me write ideas down because each and single one of them is a different method and for an artist it is not so uncommon to be stuck in a moment of lack of inspiration. So they can all be useful at some point, ones more than others.

Two more activities to go, but those will have to wait.

Until then, enjoy!